Paper Posters, Poly Paper, Static Cling, Translucent Backlit film


Another exciting way to get people moving in your direction and into your store are paper and plastic posters. They are cost effective and can produce high impact with amazing colors.

Fast Graphix offers the perfect poster for a wide variety of applications like: photographic reproductions, trade show graphics, point of purchase displays, banners, posters, and more.

Gloss or matte paper poster are suitable for indoor use. Plastic posters are for for indoor or outdoor use and can be printed on poly paper, static cling, translucent backlit film.

Glossy poster paper

Glossy poster paper

Matte poster paper

Matte poster paper

3mm PVC with printed and laminated vinyl

Polypropylene poster (poly paper)

4mm coroplast with printed vinyl

Gloss translucent backlit film